About Us

The need for women to have a common voice in society and speak as one cannot be overemphasized because women play vital roles in societal growth. Undoubtedly, women are ambitious and are vessels of their own brands. Taylor Ping services women by harnessing and crafting their voice, drive, and passion into successful authority figures and brands. It is time for the industry to change and she strives to help every mindful and motivated woman out there become recognized entrepreneurs recognized by the masses. Taylor is an established entrepreneur and the founder of the PR media company, Hierarchy Media. She was born in Redwood, California and presently resides Scottsdale, Arizona where her company Hierarchy Media is based. Her ambition has been to build a name for herself since she was a little girl.

Taylor has started from the ground up and now works in many different businesses. She has gotten clients featured in a variety of publications, ranging from Forbes, the New York Times, Entrepreneur, and a slew of others. Taylor has been passionate about marketing and social media since the beginning, learning and evolving as new social media channels are released, making her an expert on how rhythms and statistics work to help you and your brand outperform the competition.

This is why she has come to you today to bring your Hierarchy Media. Proven results at reduced rates so she can earn your trust and demonstrate that you don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars with competing content companies that won’t take their time to learn everything there is to know about you and your goals, like the Hierarchy team will.

Hierarchy media is one of the top content marketing agencies you can work with.


Hierarchy Media is a PR and media development company that also serves as a community platform for other entrepreneurs, public figures, and innovators to reach millions of people every month. She will not work with people who simply want to be famous on Instagram; you must have a cause, a backstory, and an ultimate goal in order for her and her staff to properly assist you and your brand in being noticed and heard.